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High quality composites

at a price you can afford

PFL™ Products

High Quality Product

Equivalent to autoclaving means you get industry leading quality and performance without breaking the bank.

Short Lead Times & High Throughput

Vistex's PFL™ process reduces cycle times so you can get more product faster than competitive processes. One PFL™ mold set can produce up to 45,000 units per year (resin chemistry limited). Advances in thermoplastic composites are enabling the PFL™ to reach upwards of 225,000 units per year per mold.

Lower Cost

With less consumables, time and waste, Vistex's PFL™ process saves you money.

Parts & Markets

Parts & Markets

Carbon Fiber Composite Headlight Housing

Headlight housings

Carbon Fiber Composite Motorcycle Helmet

Motorcyle half

   shell helmets

Structural and/or decorative, Vistex's PFL™ process can provide both strength and aesthetics with an out of the mold Class A surface finish sure to impress. With current in-house capabilities exceeding 4x4 feet, Vistex can meet your production needs.


Carbon Fiber Composite Kayak Paddle



Sporting equipment, art pieces, electronics, and more, Vistex has expertise in providing high quality low cost consumer products at prices, volumes, and throughputs that enable new applications of composite materials.

Consumer Products

Carbon Fiber Composite Bowl

Carbon fiber


Rowing seats

Carbon Fiber Composite Rowing Seat


Vistex can meet the stringent requirements for medical imaging or the strength requirements for other medical applications.

Carbon Fiber Composite CT Scanner Armrest

CT Scanner Armrest

Aerospace and Military

Since many aerospace and military specifications specifically call out antiquated manufacturing processes, we are primarily involved in new projects where the PFL can be integrated into specifications early on in the development process. Let us know if we can help you meet your target needs for quality and pricing in these spaces.

In-house production capabilities:

Kitting, Fabrication of composites, Trimming, Assembly

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