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Designed to be efficient, green, and low cost, Vistex's Pressure Focusing Layer - PFL™ - technology can produce autoclave quality (or better) components in a fraction of the time and at a fraction of the cost.

Vistex’s process, through the use of the customized Pressure Focusing Layer™ (PFL™) achieves the uniform pressure and uniform temperature required to make a composite by a much more efficient approach as compared to autoclaving. A formed uncured composite is sandwiched between a temperature controlled rigid mold, the curing mold, the PFL™, and a rigid compression mold. The PFL™ thickness and geometry varies across the composite as determined using Vistex’s proprietary modeling and optimization. This variation ensures that when the mold set is in compression the composite undergoes uniform pressurization. The process is compatible with essentially any thermoset resin system on the market, or can process a range of thermoplastics.

Vistex's Process
Computational Modeling & Optimization
Fabrication of Pressure Focusing Layer™ & Molds
Composite Product

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Pressure Focusing Layer™ Hardware


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